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    I dont know if this is the right Forum...so please move it if i am wrong here ;-)

    I just opened a new Bukkit server with homepage and teamspeak
    we need some active players and i thought this could we a good chance

    server address: server.heliocraft.org
    homepage: http:-//heliocraft.org
    server map: http:-//map.heliocraft.org:8123

    no Whitelist, but permissions promote (guests can test our server in the guestworld)
    PvP, Monsters, etc are enabled on different worlds in different combinations

    If you have questions contact: [email protected]

    Enjoy youself on our server ;-)
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    AW: HelioCraft

    @Cr4zYBOY This is the wrong forum :-/

    If you want to write about your server, go to "Servervorstellungen", but there you must write german...

    Excuse my bad english :D :D

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