Tool for automatic checking hacked accounts lists

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    I'm an Admin on a pretty big german server and recently we had a problem with a kiddie, who used over 20 accounts to join our servers and spam and threaten the players.

    We did some research and found huge lists with hacked Minecraft account names which we banned. Our Banlist includes about 1500 of those account names we found provided with a password.

    Fortunately we now have peace on our server, "Günther" (that's what we called the kiddie) never came back.
    But to prove these accounts, glizer wants to have the password for each account to get them globally banned.
    We could search for those lists again (in fact I already have some in my favorites for whenever I need a testing accoutn) but you had to check all those accounts and I think, we can agree that would be a pain with 1500+ accounts.

    So I would like to ask if someone could code a program which reads a full list of names in the format
    and check all of these at
    Would that be possible? Since there are a few minecraft launchers out there, it should be, right?
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    AW: Tool for automatic checking hacked accounts lists

    Our importer for compromised accounts just does this. It checks the accounts against
    So if you want them globally banned for all time just submit us your file and we will run it. We can also send you the result file

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