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What Has Happened

Dieses Thema im Forum "English" wurde erstellt von Rlewi101, 7. Oktober 2018.

  1. Rlewi101

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    Dear community

    What has happened to the server. I've been on for a while and no one has been on for about a couple of months or weeks I think. Has the server finally died? Or is it just different time zones and I don't see anyone on I mean it could be because people are busy at school and studying and all of that.

    I haven't seen 1 player not 1 On just myself. I wonder why, I could make a list by the way I'm not being rude I'm just expressing a opinion. so lets go over somethings

    - Inactive Cops - Yeah I said it you might thinks this is not true but let me go over this: Block28 hasn't been of for age use to be active now not. And a couple of other cops. And the reason to is, is because not a lot of cops comes very inactive cops there should be at least 8 - 10 cops max even if 5 cops are on and 3 players the other 5 cops a couple of em can go a citizen.

    See I can go on for 3 hours listing but I wont see this server had lots of protentional. Most cop applications get denied and most cops get denied or demoted for inactivity or something else.

    But just answer the question:
    Has the server died?

    ~ Rlewi101

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