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We need Cops.

Dieses Thema im Forum "English" wurde erstellt von shadowman4203, 4. Juni 2018.

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  1. shadowman4203

    shadowman4203 Mitglied

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    Hello everyone,
    I am shadowman4203, now known as McCheney, a 4-5 year player in the Brauhaus Community of Cops and Robbers.

    The server has been in maintenance mode so it seems, but there needs to be changes when the server is back. WE NEED COPS.

    I spoke with Ori and I believe the other person was Manu? I'm sorry if I got it wrong I seem to have forgotten, about getting cop under some special circumstances. I understand I have messed up in the past on other applications, and that I have not the required time to become a Cop, but what does the server need? Cops that can be active.

    I'm on summer vacation, as many other players are. Hiring me as a cop would help in massive ways. It seems as if the higher Administration have, and no offense, given up. There aren't any steps being taken to revive the server, but there are long time, and modern players that want this server big again. We can do this.

    Hiring myself can help, as I can bring people in from the United States side of things. I'm sure you have contact with other cops that may be in Germany with other Higher Administrators, but it seems as if I am all that there is for the English perspective on this server. I seriously recommend giving me this chance, and obviously this recommendation isn't coming from someone that's very important, but I can help. I can do none other than be active and work for the server to regain the steady player base and those who want to become cops.

    Face it, nobody wants to play without a cop. Mining? If they wanted to do that, they could go to a survival server and do that. I am aware I made mistakes and lied about things in the past regarding age, and other things that is key to becoming a cop, and I have huge regrets, but please, give me this chance. Bring the server back.

    P.S, I was told I can work for the hours and get my Cop, how am I to do that when there are:
    -No players
    -And because no players, nothing to do
    -Server isn't even up

    I'm telling you, making some exceptions by giving low Cop ranks can change the server. I am aware the cop rank comes with some staff permissions, but I could care less for those. More than anything, I want the Cop job. I want to work for the server and bring it back into it's prime. Sorry I'm so repetitive, but I wrote this much, over and over again because I care.

    Please take this into consideration, you have worked very hard for this server and while it may be old and dead now, there is still hope, and players that want to have a great time as they did over these many years.

    -McCheney, and otherwise known as shadowman4203.
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  2. TheOriChau

    TheOriChau Administrator Teamsklave Aktiver Benutzer

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    I'm not responsible for that. Sorry.
  3. Manu_H

    Manu_H Administrator Teamsklave Moderator Aktiver Benutzer

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    Topic Recognized.
    We are going to talk about this within the next Meetings.
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