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Minecraft 1.6.2 Pre-Release - Many Bugfixes

Dieses Thema im Forum "Spiele News" wurde erstellt von letsi, 5. Juli 2013.

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    Hallo Community,

    heute ist Donnerstag und somit Zeit für ein kleines Update. Heute dreht es sich um die 1.6.2 die einiges an Bugfixes mit sich bringt. 1.6 ist somit eine der verbugtesten Versionen gewesen ^^ So viele Beschwerden wie es auf Twitter bei Dinnerbone gab, habe ich vorher noch nicht gesehen ^^ Es ist wirklich eine menge an Personen die sich immer wieder beschwert. Die offizielle 1.6.2 wird am 8.7.2013 released. Auf den Server kommt Ihr nur mit der 1.6.1, also spielt nicht aus versehen die 1.6.2 Pre-Release.

    Offizieller Release von 1.6.2
    08.07.2013 (Montag)


    - Fixed some bugs
    (Hier die große Liste ^^
    Fixed powered pistons dropping as items in creative
    Fixed players' and horses' heads having strange behaviour in the inventory while riding
    Fixed animals glitching out of fenced areas and suffocating in blocks when loading chunks
    Fixed placing signs now updating water streams
    Fixed trapped chest looking like regular chest in the inventory and item frame
    Fixed attacking wild wolves using projectiles (Arrows, Snowballs, Potions) will causing nearby tamed wolves to attack their owner
    Fixed reloading worlds while the player is in a moving Minecart or riding a horse being glitchy in F5 mode
    Fixed being able to push horses into blocks, making them suffocate
    Fixed Ctrl+Click, usually working as a right click, not working on OS X
    Fixed leads attached to mobs dropping as items when right clicked in creative
    Fixed the numlock enter key not being recognized as return
    Fixed direct connect not remembering port
    Fixed the rope part of the leash turning invisible in some angles
    Fixed hay blocks not being craftable into wheat
    Fixed the crosshair gliding when riding horses
    Fixed "Nether-Fortress-Only" mobs no longer spawning in previously generated fortresses
    Fixed unarmored horses appearing as if they wore diamond armor
    Fixed baby zombies being far too fast
    Fixed being unable to switch horse armor pieces by replacing it with other horse armor
    Fixed sprinting being delayed with the connection to the server
    Fixed fonts being distorted on startup when using a converted texture pack
    Fixed the breaking sound and particles appearing when placing water/lava into another source block
    Fixed /clear causing players in creative mode to be unable to move items in their inventories
    Fixed /clear causing problems with held items' animations
    Fixed the health boost effect resetting additional health every 30 seconds
    Fixed signs placed on fences not triggering the sign editing UI
    Fixed attempting to jump on an unsaddled horse, then putting a saddle on it making it jump automatically
    Fixed 1.5.2 clients showing 1.6.1 servers as 1.3
    Fixed /playsound not working with @a when more than one player passes the query
    Fixed a crash with the demo and language errors
    Fixed the demo crashing when it's unable to find 'name' of a bound mousebutton
    Fixed a crash with high resolution resourcepack
    Fixed nested colors in json chat not working
    Fixed a duplication exploit using mules/donkeys
    Fixed being unable to pick-block placed leads in creative
    Fixed some chat concurrency issues
    Fixed packet flood degrading server peformance
    Fixed a duplication exploit)

    So das war es auch schon mit diesem kleinen Update. Die neue Version könnt Ihr einfach im neuen Launcher auswählen und spielen. Denkt aber daran, das der Server noch auf der 1.6.1 läuft...

    Download Launcher for 1.6.2

    Windows: http:-//s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/launcher/Minecraft.exe
    Mac/OSX: http:-//s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/launcher/Minecraft.dmg
    Linux/Other: http:-//s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/launcher/Minecraft.jar

    Server: Minecraft Server JAR-Datei (or EXE)


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