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Arkville Pub

Dieses Thema im Forum "ARK Modding" wurde erstellt von TheOriChau, 17. Januar 2016.

  1. TheOriChau

    TheOriChau Administrator Teamsklave Aktiver Benutzer

    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Nach dem Bier brauen kommt nun die Kneipe...

    ModID = 600015460

    Is this mod stackable?
    It's as stackable as pancakes at a all you can eat pancake buffet if that answers your question
    What This Mod Adds
    • Fire Pit
    • Square Wooden Table Variant
    • Round Wooden Table
    • Bar Counter-top
    • Bar Stool
    • Tankard
    • Pitcher
    • Keg
    • Storage Cupboard
    • Table Candle
    • Cross Swords Wall Candle Decor
    Item Functions
    • Fire Pit
      • Functions like a campfire
      • Double the inventory space, double the human sacrifices
    • Tankard
      • Holds 1 Consumable item stack
      • 10x preservation multiplier
    • Pitcher
      • Holds 4 Consumable item stacks
      • 20x preservation multiplier
    • Keg
      • Holds 16 Consumable item stacks
      • 20x preservation multiplier
    • Cupboard
      • Functions exactly like large storage box
    • Candles
      • They are.. Candles
      • Seriously no idea what happens if you put angler gel in them... like... let me know if you test this
    • Stool
      • You sit on it..
      • Sometimes it's hard and hurts your butt
    • Tables
      • Suitable for conducting business or otherwise being tables
      • Not tested for shoe application, please take shoes off before dancing on table.


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